The Team

Intrepid Explorers Both.



Alright, so, now that the super serious introductory post is out of the way, I’m sure the question any reader who has made it thus far must be asking is “Who could possibly undertake such a journey?” and “Is this Chris fellow really going to go alone?”

Well, dear reader, allow me to put such concerns to rest, and introduce you to myself, Chris Bhutani, and my comrade in arms, Nader Batal.


Chris Bhutani



Believed to have been born in the heat of a dying star, the being known as Chris Bhutani descended upon our world some 20 years ago. Since that time, he has roamed the earth, and has been known to many peoples by a variety names. Some claim he is a poet, others a insist he is a warrior, and some even profess to worship him as a prophet. Only one thing can be asserted with any degree of certitude: wherever he has journeyed, his legacy remains.

In recent years, he has been sighted upon the grounds of the University of Southern California, poring over ancient tomes and roaming the halls of the Classics department. It is now believed that he turns his attention eastward, in pursuit of the legendary figure of Hannibal Barca, in a quest to study the mortal, who, through his own exceptional ingenuity and leadership, nearly extinguished what would become the most important empire in the history of this world.



Nader Batal



Forged in the scalding heat of Saudi Arabia’s swirling sands, Nader Batal (or the Rare Champion, as his Lebanese name reads) has since been a renowned adventurer. Setting his eyes on the Western wilderness of California, Nader was drawn to the green rolling hills of Cate School’s Carpinteria. It was there that the two cosmic beings, Chris Bhutani and Nader Batal, collided to form a supernova of awesomeness and brotherhood that would ripple throughout the universe for all of eternity. The heroes then went their separate ways on the quest for knowledge, Chris to the esteemed USC, and Nader to the cutting-edge University of California in San Diego. It was here that Nader found his passion for healing and the martial arts. This, coupled with Chris’s intellectual prowess and host of travel experience, formed yet again a dynamic duo that would change the world forever. Following the spirit of Hannibal Barca on his epic quest to conquer Rome, the two champions set out on the mission of a lifetime.

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